Rey Silo is a cheese dairy located in Pravia, in the last stretch of the mouth of the Nalón River (known as Naelo according to the Roman geographer Ptolemy), which runs through all of Asturias.

We advocate for raw milk, with which we reclaim traditional cheeses, passed down from generation to generation, matured slowly in our underground cellar on the banks of the Nalón River.

While staying true to tradition, we are always open to science, innovation, and new approaches, both in developing new cheeses and in introducing refining methods. We strive for excellence. We are heirs to the wisdom of our farmers, who knew how to make use of natural resources to create delicious cheeses, which we now produce using modern technologies, using only raw and whole milk from cows grazing in the green meadows, rennet, and a pinch of salt.

We are committed to biodiversity, respecting nature and the life cycles of the earth, adapting to its laws and rhythms. Our goal is to spread that connection everywhere, providing pleasure and joy to a global community of people who share our values and understand the importance of preserving the greatness of nature.

And our cheeses are the perfect expression of all this. We use our skills to highlight the natural profiles of the flavors of our cheeses, capturing the best expression of grass, earth, and seasons.

Master cheesemaker Ernesto Madera's approach to cheese making is to combine tradition and science, placing him at the forefront of a growing movement towards local production of organic foods. By uniting biochemistry with a conscious connection to nature and agriculture, Rey Silo belongs to the future of food, which is why we are an active part of the international Slow Food movement.

In recent years, Rey Silo has established itself as one of the pioneers of the cheese revolution in Spain, and its cheeses are used by the best chefs.

Our hallmarks align with the quality of our products, reflecting our international reputation.

Just as tradition and science matter at Rey Silo, we have also created a visual universe inspired by Asturian pre-Romanesque art and the landscape that gives us character.

Plan Internacional 2023 de Quesos Rey Silo