Asturias Natural Paradise, International Cheese Festival

2022-11-22 00:00:00

The "Asturias Paraíso Natural, International Cheese Festival" was an event held in Oviedo where not only cheeses from Asturias, including REY SILO, were present, but also those from all regions of the world. It was part of the "World Cheese Awards" competition, where cheeses from around the world compete for recognition and prizes in different categories. It's an opportunity for cheese producers from around the world to showcase their products and connect with cheese lovers, experts, and industry professionals. The festival and competition promote diversity and excellence in cheese production on an international scale. The various REY SILO cheeses have participated in almost every World Cheese Awards since 2011 (London, Birmingham, San Sebastián, Norway, Bergamo, Oviedo, ...) where they have won various medals such as the Super Gold (the highest distinction), Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Both master cheesemaker Ernesto Madera and journalist Pascual Cabaño have been chosen as international judges in this competition and in other similar ones.

Plan Internacional 2023 de Quesos Rey Silo